Minting Price: 25 WDOGE

Minted Supply: 10,000 / 10000

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RealDogepunks on DogeChain consists of 10,000 generative art pieces made from 256 traits with a high variety of occurrences on 17 backgrounds.

  • Great Looking NFTs with Fun Designs

  • Good Team

  • Listed on Multiple Marketplaces

  • Website could use some work

9 Months ago, Mandarinemarie began minting single hand made RealDogePunks Pixel Art NFTs on DogeParty with the original RealDogePunk.

With the RealDogePunks, Mandarinemarie combined the famous meme Doge with the very early beginnings of digital art. For the artist, every Pixel was equivalent to the point of a brush. To break art down to a very clean concept, she only used 24×24 Pixel and set herself just a small space within she created unique PFPs.

The DogeParty community was enthusiastic about every new RealDogePunk being born and scooped them up quickly. But Mandarinemarie was not in a rush. She took her time and only when a great new inspiration came up, the collection grew for another piece. This way, in a timespan of nine months, 43 unique RealDogePunks were born on Dogeparty.

However, there was an idea growing in the back of her mind: To generate a full 10,000 pieces collection to spread the joy of the RealDogePunks to more people. But there was no platform for it. Doges on Ethereum? That was never an option! So it stayed an idea for a long time.

Until, all of a sudden, DogeChain showed up. A mad rush began to add more and more traits. Sleeping and eating lost its importance, as she was working hard to create a high quality collection of RealDogePunks within a short time frame. And yet, every pixel is perfect, and all traits were made with lots of love and never lost their roots.

Scroll through the different categories to discover the origins of your RealDogePunk. Find out whether it’s a mythology Goddess or a dressed up Doge for carnival!

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